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D3 Risk Management Group is a company made up of IT and Cyber Security professionals with experience providing a full range of technology solutions for small, medium, emerging, and large businesses.  At D3 Risk Management Group, we take pride in our work and understand the importance of communication.  We are committed to completing the work we are hired for in the most efficient manner without compromising accuracy or quality.

Why is our logo a seesaw? Imagine that sitting on one side is productivity, and on the other side is security. As you try to balance the seesaw, you have to move the lever by adjusting your risk tolerance.


Our founder, Mark Dunaisky, has built up a wealth of experience in technology, management, and security roles throughout his career. His decades of experience building programs in different industries providing IT security (cybersecurity) support across a variety of business platforms led him to want to use his accumulated expertise to do more to directly help businesses.

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